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The difficulty of armed struggle is to make long distances near and make problems into advantages. ................................Sun Tzu,  The Art of War

Mount Koya - Shingon Buddist sect's headquarters that Kobo Daishi built on Koyasan's wooded mountaintop.

The Japanese word "sensei" is often used to denote a martial arts instructor. Translated into English, the word is "teacher". However, "teacher" is a less than accurate title for a real sensei.. A sensei is more like a guide. He is one who has traveled the path before you and because of his love of humanity and his art, has come back to show you the way through the darkness. He also knows when to stop and wait for the fog to clear so that you may see the wonders around you.


Flournoy headshot

Larry L. FLOURNOY (Shihan) Skippack dojo
Chief Instructor - Shuto Karate Clubs
8th degree Black Belt (American Self Defense Karate Association)

Flournoy Shihan is a 26 year veteran of the Pennsylvania State Police who began his martial arts training in 1962. He joined the Shuto Karate Club in 1964 and studied Shotokan style karate under Louis RABOUIN, Teruyuki OKAZAKI, and Keinosuke ENOEDA. Over the course of his career he has also studied Aikido, Ju Jutsu, Tae Kwon Do and Tang Soo Do.


Trotta headshot

Robert J. Trotta (Shihan) Kutztown dojo
7th degree Black Belt (American Self Defense Karate Association)

Robert Trotta began his Martial Arts training in 1972 under the tutelage of Korean master Young IL Kong. After three months of training, he left Mr. Kong and began to study with Larry L. Flournoy in the arts of Mun Moo Kwan Taekwo-Do and Shotokan Karate.
During the 1970's he also studied Aikido in Philadelphia with Shuji Maruyama.


Michael headshot

Michael Lapreziosa - Sellersville dojo
3rd degree Black Belt (American Self Defense Karate Association)

Laprezia sensei rose to first kyu under Teruyuki Okazaki at the headquarters of the ISKF. Later, under John McClary at the Shu Ha Ri karate club he achieved first degree black belt rank. Under Mori Akio in Kawasaki Japan he was awarded 2nd degree black from the JKA. In 2009 he began training under Robert Trotta Shihan at the Shuto Karate Club.

Capelli headshot

Robert CAPPELLI - Skippack dojo

2nd degree Black Belt {ASDKA}

PS headshot

Peggy Sue KELLER - Skippack dojo

2nd degree Black Belt {ASDKA}

................ 3rd dan [Shorin Ryu]

Chris headshot

Chris Stasen - Kutztown dojo

2nd degree Black Belt {ASDKA}

Louis headshot

Louis DelGIUDICE - Sellersville dojo

2nd degree Black Belt {ASDKA}

Curley headshot

Brian CURLEY - Skippack dojo

1st degree Black Belt {ASDKA}


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