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The American Self Defense Karate Association was founded in 1959 by Louis Rabouin. The original association headquarters was at 4904 Rising Sun Ave., in the north-east section of Philadelphia, PA. As luck would have it, a few months after opening, a fire starting in the adjoining cleaning store, nearly destroyed the building and Rabouin, sensei was forced to find a new location.

He moved to 119 W. Chelten Ave. in the Germantown section of Philadelphia where he reopened under the banner of the Shuto Karate Club.

In March of 1964 a new board of directors was elected for the American Self Defense Karate Association. Members were Louis Rabouin, William O'Callaghan, Marvin Bordetsky, and Edward Miller. The mission statement of the association was (and is) to promote the self defense and character development aspects of karate training as opposed to the practice of a sport-oriented martial art. The board's primary function was to maintain a very strict "quality control".

Current senior board members are: Lawrence L. Flournoy, President; Robert J. Trotta, Vice President.